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We’ve flown from London Gatwick Airport lots of times, and many times over the last few years we’ve Googled ‘cheap Gatwick parking’. We now no longer bother Googling as the same company kept coming up with the cheapest prices: APH Parking. Having used them several times now for both the North Terminal and South Terminal, we know the service is good and reliable so they’ve become our automatic choice.

Award-Winning Cheap Gatwick Parking

On our latest trip to Egypt, we were pleased to discover that it wasn’t just us who rates APH highly. They've been voted Best Airport Parking Company at the British Travel Awards. They also have a neat section on their website: Know Before You Go. This keeps you up-to-date with airport and airline news, like which airport hotels and lounges offer the best WiFi access, or this really useful page comparing the excessive surcharges on the UK’s low-cost airlines. That makes very interesting reading! 

Book Your Gatwick Parking in Advance

We assumed that everyone knew you got the cheapest prices by booking your parking in advance, but they obviously don’t. On a recent trip, one of our fellow travellers told us he’d just turned up at Gatwick and left his car in the official Long Stay Car Park. ‘Do you think it will be expensive?’ he asked. Yes, is the answer.

We just did a quick price comparison check, giving the same dates and times for both the official Gatwick Airport Long Stay Car Park, and APH Parking’s off-airport parking. The price for a week’s parking (which is effectively 8 days) was £92 at Gatwick, and £46.96 with APH. If you park at Gatwick you have a 5-minute bus shuttle journey to the terminals, and if you park with APH, as we do, the transfer time is 10-15 minutes for both the North Terminal and the South Terminal.

Obviously on trips longer than a week the saving is even greater, and we’re happy to take ten minutes extra on the shuttle bus in order to make that saving. Buses run every 15 minutes or so, 24 hours a day. Even when we had to be there at 4am for that awful early check-in, the bus was there and waiting for our luggage. The service has always been friendly, brisk and efficient. You're provided with a freephone number to call the company when you return, so they can make sure your car is brought to the car park reception area and waiting for you when you get there.

The £92 charge for Gatwick Long Stay is the quote we were given for booking in advance online, though curiously when we did our price comparison the day rate for parking without booking in advance was £11.50 – making it £92 for 8 days. Gatwick Airport therefore doesn’t currently give you any discount for booking in advance, which seems strange.

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You can check out APH’s cheap prices on the
APH website.

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