London to Glasgow
by Bus

Going from London to Glasgow by bus is the cheapest way of getting between the two cities, unless you fancy hitchhiking for about 400 miles (640 kms). And given that you can sometimes pick one-way fares up for as little as £5, it hardly seems worth the effort!

London to Glasgow by National Express

National Express has several bus services a day from London to Glasgow. Buses leave from London’s Victoria Coach Station, and arrive in Glasgow at the Buchanan Bus Station, in the city centre. Check times and fares on the National Express website.

London to Glasgow by Megabus

Megabus also operates coach services to Glasgow from London’s Victoria Coach Station. The Megabus also arrives in Glasgow at the Buchanan Bus Station in the city centre. There are slightly fewer services per day with Megabus than there are with National Express, and the journey times are similar, but fares are usually cheaper, especially if booked in advance on the Megabus website.

London to Glasgow by Bus: Journey Time

The journey time varies from 9-10 hours depending on the route, so try to book on one of the faster coaches. Note that not all the services are direct, so try also to book on one where you don’t have to change coaches part-way.

London to Glasgow by Sleeper Coach

Megabus also operates a London-Glasgow Sleeper Coach service, which is one of the cheapest ways of getting to Glasgow, and may well save on a hotel bill if you are travelling on a budget.

Travel between Glasgow and Edinburgh

Going between Edinburgh and Glasgow is easy, so you can still enjoy both cities even if you prefer to base yourself in one or the other for your stay. For many overseas visitors, Edinburgh is the main attraction, but do allow time for at least a day visit to Glasgow, if not more.

Travel from Edinburgh to Glasgow and vice versa is easiest by train. Many people live in one city and commute to work in the other as the two cities are less than 50 miles apart. You can drive between them in an hour, but because there’s often heavy traffic it is much easier to catch the train, which takes just over an hour. There are several trains per hour, from early morning till last thing at night, and fares are not expensive. There are sometimes cheap deals available on certain trains during the day, and a good way to compare prices is on the RailEasy website.

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