London to York

Is Train, Bus or Driving Best?

Taking a day trip from London to York is popular and possible, although it makes for a long day. It's the furthest of our suggested day trips from London but we include it because many people do want to see York Minster Cathedral and the city's other attractions. If you want to go from London to Scotland then York is about half-way between London and Edinburgh. 

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You can drive to York from London in 4-5 hours if you've already hired a rental car for your trip, but if you have no car then rail is the best option as it is only about two hours by fast train from London. Buses are cheaper than train travel but the journey takes at least five hours so is not practical for a day trip.

The Best Things to Do in York

The Best Things to Do in York include visiting York Minster Cathedral, the National Railway Museum, the Jorvik Viking Centre, seeing the city walls, visiting other museums and galleries, and enjoying shopping in the old city streets known as the Shambles. For full details visit our Best Things to Do in York page.

How do you get from London to York?

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