Seville Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a good Seville travel guide, then we can thoroughly recommend Seville Day by Day in the lively Frommer’s Day by Day series. They’re among our favourite travel guides, combining detailed research with lots of colour photos and maps, all presented in an attractive layout (see the sample page below). 

They’re also good value for money, and fit neatly in a pocket or purse. Tucked into a plastic cover at the back is even a big fold-out city map, with the essential Street Index, as well as locator maps of the area, and of Andalucia. We write guidebooks ourselves so know how tricky it is for publishers to come up with just the right format, but Frommer’s has certainly come up with a winner here. 

Seville Day by Day

We should say up-front that we do know the book’s author, Jeremy Head, but only very slightly. It means we also know what a good and conscientious writer and researcher he is, and that he loves Seville. That should mean he’s likely to be an excellent guide to the city – and he is.

The Day by Day format includes a number of self-guided tours of each destination, with a map linking the highlights, and for Seville there are 18 of them. They don’t have step-by-step walking directions, but by following the text and the maps you shouldn’t get lost. They also include the author’s recommendations for good places to stop for a drink or a bite to eat. The tours include several of the best neighbourhood walks, and some special interest tours such as Things to Do with Kids, Churches and Convents, and one that sounds like great fun: a Tapas Tour. (Here the author recommends you start early, which in Spain is 9pm, and take plenty of cash as many of his favourite bars don’t take credit cards.)

The Back of the Book

With a guidebook you also need to check what’s tucked away at the back of the book. For Seville you get all the usual travel planning tips, including Getting There and Getting Around. You also get a brief history of the city, a history of the city’s architecture, a couple of pages of useful words and phrases, and a couple more pages to help you translate a menu. (For us no guidebook is complete without this.) 

Seville Travel Guide Author

The book’s author, Jeremy Head, is a familiar name in the UK travel press, as he has written for many of the leading newspapers and magazines. He has been visiting Seville since 2000, and clearly loves the place. He’s even given readers his email address in the book, if they want to contact him with comments or recommendations. You can also read more about him on his blog, Travelblather. If you want to know how much work went into updating this book, you can read about it on this post.

Seville Travel Guide Photos

One thing I noticed in looking at the small print is that author Jeremy Head also took almost all of the hundreds of fine photos in the book. They really enhance the appeal of this guide, from the little details noticed on doors and on market stalls, to good shots of the major buildings. I like it when authors also take the photos, for several reasons – it shows they use their eyes when they’re out and about, and notice things. It also shows that they went everywhere!

How Up-to-Date is this Seville Guide?

This is the second edition of the Seville Day by Day guide and it was thoroughly researched and updated, being published in the UK in November 2010 and in the USA in January 2011.

The Verdict

We can confidently recommend this book to anyone planning to visit Seville. It’s thorough, knowledgeable, up-to-date and attractive, and all packed into a handy pocket size.

Buying this Seville Travel Guide
The Seville guide from Frommer’s costs $13.99 in the USA, $16.99 in Canada and £8.99 in the UK. It is available on both
Amazon USA and Amazon UK.


Although this is an excellent guide to Seville, it's now a few years old so you may want to consider buying a more up-to-date travel guide. Ones we can recommend include:

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

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